All  of  our breathtaking self-contained suites are
decorated with luxurious fabrics, amenities
include cable television(LCD)/dvd /cd players
and WiFi , stunning bathrooms have jacuzzi or
soaking tubs and showers, or feel free to relax at
the pool. Ensuring the comfort  and  relaxation of
either the leisure or business traveler alike.
Perfect for those seeking either a restful break from the stresses of everyday life
or those wanting to explore the numerous natural attractions located all over the
island .Elegant Suites  and  apartments is  located  in  the beautiful picturistique
''Nature Isle of  the Caribbean'',
Dominica. With ease of access fromthe Canefield
Airport or from the ferry terminal in Roseau (no more then 5 min to any of our 3
properties all located in the south of  the  island; one at  Old Street in  the  center  
of  town, the other  at  Checkhall Canefield and  the  last at  Beau Bois  Castle

Hot  and  Cold water equipped accommodations to
Emerald Pool / Dominica
Fresh Water Lake / Dominica
White River / Dominica
Phones: (786) 220-3100 / (767) 440-7950 / (767) 448 0474 / Fax: 767 449 9054 / email: reservations@cis.dm                           
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